About Us

MECHTEX is a manufacturer and exporter of Hybrid Stepper Motor, BLDC In-runner and Out-runner Motor, Synchronous Motors, Stepper Motors, Reduction Gear Heads, Linear Actuators, DC Geared Motors, Brushless DC Motors and Controller since 1967. Since then MECHTEX has come a long way in positioning itself as a reputed brand with a global presence. Our products are highly user friendly, economical, technically superior and of high quality with Superior Performance.

Continuous R&D is one of the focuses of our company. Our top management personally supervise the R&D process. Our competitive edge lies in Experienced R&D, Wide product range, OEM expertise, financial strength, reasonable cost quality, TQM and customized solutions.

MECHTEX's personnel, distributors and customers contribute by participating in activities towards creation of technically superior and value added products. The key industries that we focus on are HVAC, Electrical & Electronics, Automation, Instrumentation, Robotics, Automobile, Textile, Medical, Food & Beverages, General Industry, etc.